Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Store More !

Whether you're trying to settle your belongings into a new home, accommodate all the stuff you've collected throughout the years or show off your square footage to potential buyers, storage is almost always an issue. Want to maximize storage space in your home ? Here's how:

PURGE ... If you've recently moved you may have already pared down your belongings; if you're about to move, the less you need to pack, the better. Gather together those items you no longer want or don't need. A good rule of thumb is if it's not been used in the last year, it goes.

SELL ... or donate your rejects, or invite friends and family to help themselves. The less stuff you have to accommodate, the further your storage space will go.

Your closets are typically the first place you turn to for storage. If you prefer to store things where they;ll be out of site, make the most of them. Space solutions for closet are dizzying in variety, ranging from simple: additional shelving above the standard closet self, a second rod for more hanging space, a back-of-the-door hanging organizer; to the elaborate, like custom whole closet systems installed by professionals.

IF you need storage space above and beyond your closets (and let's face it, who doesn't?) you need to create it. One clever way to do this is by buying multifunctional furniture. As square footage has become more expensive, furniture has gotten smarter, doing double duty as storage space, Ottomans and coffee tables featuring lids that lift up, revealing useful space, have become very popular , and there are also chairs whose seat cushions sit atop storage space, and beds with shelves build in the head boards or build-in drawers below, and many other solutions.

You can also create more storage space by taking advantage of space that usually goes wasted. Put the floor space under your bed to work with some flat containers you can roll or pull out, a great idea for heavier items like books. Install floating shelves over windows and doorways or even suspend them from ceilings; its best to use these storing infrequently used or lightweight items like linens. Hallways have great potential that often goes ignored Line one wall, or both, with floating shelves, provided the hallway is wide enough to comfortable do so. Not only will this provide added storage space, it'll add interest to an otherwise boring area.

Storage solutions have evolved such that they needn't be hidden from view any longer Thanks to the wide variety of colours, patterns and sizes of storage boxes and baskets now available, it's easy to create additional space that looks right at home in any room. Plus, they offer the added advantage of being an especially inexpensive and portable means of hiding your stuff in plain sight.

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