Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday the 13th

NO - not a plug for a movie of the same name just a little look at folklore about bad things. Walking under ladders, black cats crossing your path, Friday the 13th, refinancing your mortgage etc.

In ancient times, people used to spend fortunes buying charms and amulets to ward off bad luck and attract good.

Luck is pretty impersonal, but good luck definitely favors the prepared mind ... so why not apply the same principal to your finances ?

If there's one huge difference I see between successful people and everyone else it's this ... successful people take the time to prepare their minds by feeding their brains something good every once in a while.

How does that apply to my finances you ask ?

If you wonder why the Jones's next door always seem to be taking advantage of opportunities (winter holiday, stress-free living etc) then they probably did something you haven't. They fed their financial "brains" some good advice from a licensed mortgage broker and refinanced their mortgage at what some analyst are describing as the lowest rates in 65 years.

The Jones Family took the bull by the horns and said "No more waiting ... we are done with high interest rates and a river of cash flowing out the door every month. We want to be prepared if there is a layoff, illness or emergency."

They called their mortgage broker and got a free, no obligation review of their options and went ahead by consolidating all their debt into one payment at a fantastic rate. They still owe the same amount of money ... but they took a smart approach and lumped it all together under one single payment.

Their extra cash ? Topping up RSP and RESP were first on their minds ... then a week down south to refresh and relax. A return trip home and they're now plowing the extra cash savings into pre-payments on their mortgage and setting up a little savings account for 3-6 months of living expenses as an emergency fund. No more stress about whether the plant is going to cut a shift and what they'll be forced to do to pay all those bills. One payment, one bill, no stress.

Call us. We're here to help. A licensed, Ontario mortgage brokerage ... RMA-Spencer Group Mortgages.

We're back at it here at the Your Mortgage Matters blog after a little bout with the flu, bronchitis and a sore throat for good measure. Now that that is over with its business as usual.

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