Saturday, February 9, 2008

What is home staging ?

Maybe you've heard the term recently. Is it just a new fad ? Another angle for someone to get their hands on some of your hard earned money or make more profit from you selling your home?
Well let's start with what home staging is - a professional service to prepare your home for sale. It is a great selling tool with the sole purpose of securing the highest amount of equity in your home. A home stager can visit you in the comfort of your home and at your convenience. If a few simple suggestions could give your home's selling price a lift of several thousand dollars ... don't you think that would be time and money well spent ?
The process usually starts with a one-on-one, in-home consultation where a home stager will walk you through every room in your home, providing a written assessment on all elements that need to be addressed to showcase your home.
The services can also include:
1. Assisting you in packing & decluttering after identifying what needs to be done to showcase the look and space of your home
2. Furniture and accessory rental - ashamed of those hand-me-downs you'll be getting rid of as soon as you move ? There's nothing like the look and feel of brand-new, updated furniture to make a potential buyer see themselves enjoying a luxurious lifestyle in your home.
3. Furniture and accessory placement - where should the sofa go ? And what about knick-knacks, candles etc ? Let the home stager worry about it for you.
How long does this take ? A professional home stager can usually make the transformation in your home and have it ready to show within ONLY one week!
And if that isn't enough reason to consider a home stager, recent studies show that staged homes will sell 2 to 3 times faster than unstaged homes – that means less time having people in and out of your home at all hours for viewings.
If you are considering selling your home then of course ask us about your mortgage financing needs but don't forget to ask us (or your local real estate professional) how to put you in touch with an Accredited Home Stager!

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