Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Think about a home inspection when buying

A popular conversation topic these days is the value of a home inspection and particularly the services of a professional home inspector. We feel that home inspections are valuable since they can identify structural issues that may require repair or replacement expenditures and provide you with back up to ensure you don't overpay for the home in question. As with most things, the key to a home inspection is to start by hiring the right professionals. You may want to start with the Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspectors, founded in 1982. It is the national body that all provincial organizations are members of. The Ontario member is the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors which formed in 1987. According to their website, "The OAHI is dedicated to enhancing the technical skills and professional practice of home inspectors, and maintaining high professional standards through education and discipline."

As tired as this sounds, for most Canadians buying a home is the single largest investment they'll ever make so they want to get good value for their money. Not just as in a bargain price or something which will appreciate over time but the knowledge that they are making the right choice and that the asset has no underlying problems. Today's homebuyers are relying on the experts before they firm up their offers. What was once a rarely used service in residential real estate has become commonplace especially with the rapid increase of prices in recent years.

The inspector takes a close look, starting beneath the surface and then reports in detail their findings in written form for the potential purchaser. Covering things like the condition of the foundation, electrical/plumbing/heating services, roof (shingles and underneath), insulation, termites and other pests plus other factors as well. If repair work is to be done either now or in the future, the report indicates what may be required and gives an idea as to when the homeowner will have to incur the expense.

The OAHI website has links for both consumers and realtors as well as information on becoming a home inspector.

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